Why I miss Mas
26 June, 2005 -2:39 a.m.

ok well I dont think I told you guys about this but last Saturday my 16 year old brother moved out of the house to go live in Austin....

I am so upset about this.... I love him and I know I dont talke about him much but I love him more than life.... he is just goin through this awkward I am sixteen and grown and I know how the world works and I dont need my family rawk rawk rebellion crap... (I dont know if that made sense to anyone right now... I am sleepy)

I love him and I understand where he is comin from but I think he should be here near his family who love him and pick him up when he falls....

I am just hopin he will come back when he girlfriend goes to visit her family after the 4th of July...

I especially miss him because I know he would have laughed as hard as I did about WoW Leeroy Jenkins...

Does anyone know how Justin McBride did in Dallas? I was sposed to go but it fell through... I think it is bein telecast tom on OLN butI am not sure... if you have no idea what I am talkin about dont fret not many people outside of Texas-Oklahoma would. <3

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